2014 Championships

The inaugural IRC Double Handed Nationals were held on the last weekend in June in 2014 in two classes with 41 boats, alongside a National Club Championships racing under Royal Southampton ratings (17??boats). Three races were scheduled, with two on Saturday and the third on Sunday.

The forecast for the two races on Saturday was for SW winds of around 8–10 knots but that was only true for the start of the first race. As that progressed, and for the duration of the second race of the day, the wind increased to SW 10–15 with 20 knots at times. This gave the competing short-handed crews plenty of work to do. The day was warm with overcast skies but the sun did make an appearance on occasions.


Race 1 - Laid Marks Course
Class 1 saw Peter Newlands with Harry Fish in their First 40.7, 'Anticipation',?seal the race victory from William McGough and Christian Jeffery in their J109 'Just So'. ?In third place was the J109 'Jagerbomb' with Paul and Mark Griffiths. In Class 2 Chris Charlesworth and Martin Young in their Contessa 26 'Meow' sailed an excellent race to win by a good margin on corrected time from Adam Munday and Matt Perry in their J97 'Indulgence'. They were followed home by the Hanse 291 'Seahorse' of David Cowell.
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Race 2 - Round the Cans
Fixed racing marks generally to the north of the Bramble Bank were used for thus race. With the increasing wind it made the spinnaker runs a definite challenge catching a few out. ?In Class 1 two J105s, 'Jin Tonic' with?Andrew Roberts and James Fish and William Newton and his crew in 'Jelly Baby' had a great tussle woth just two seconds separating them on the water at the finish. ?'Jin Tonic' claimed the win on corrected time. 'Jagerbomb' was third. ?In Class 2 'Meow' continued their winning ways by taking the race on corrected time. Another Contessa 26, 'Jiminy Cricket' with Mike Harrison were second and the Elan33 'Edith' of Mike Saqui and Dan Fox were third.
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Race 3 - the “passage” race to the Nab Tower and back.
The forecast was for light winds swinging from NE to NW during the day with a definite “hole” around midday. The Race Officer laid the start line farther SE than usual at Fastnet Insurance to give the competitors the chance of beating the big spring tide tidal gate at the Nab just as the wind was set to die. The forecast proved correct so some made it and others were caught out. But the whole fleet completed the course within time with the exception of one boat.

In Class 1 'Jagerbomb' took line honours and the win on corrected time. ?'Just So' scored a second place with Huw Phillips and Mike Moxley in their HOD35 'Malice' third. In Class 2 Giovanni Belgrano and Richard Ebdon in their Giles 1939 one off 11.8m 'Whooper' took first place on corrected time followed by Chris and Vanessa Choules in their Sigma 38 'With Alacrity'. This was after two fourth places in the first two races. Neil Martin and Phillip Barnes in their J97 'Jiggery Pokery' were third.
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The first ever IRC National Championships were deemed to be a major success. ?The assymetric spinnaker boats reigned supreme in Class 1 with 'Jagerbomb' (J109) being crowned National Champions, 'Jin Tonic' (J105) second and 'Just So' (J109) third. ?It was a different story in Class 2 with the ?symmetric spinnakers of 'With Alacrity' (Sigma 38) taking the title and 'Meow' (Contessa 26) in third place. ?The J97 'Indulgence' separated these two boats taking silver.
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2014 Jagerbomb

2014 Class 1 National Champions