IRC Certificates

For those boats that have a shorthanded IRC certificate in addition to one for the fully crewed boat, the shorthanded certificate only can be used for the 2015 IRC Double Handed National Championships.  

The rule relating to this is IRC Rule 8.2.1 which says, "A boat holding a shorthanded certificate may use only that certificate for races for no more than 2 crew.”

James Dadd of the RORC Rating office has said, "In this respect, if a boat holds a short-handed certificate and enters a race for no more than 2 crew they may not select to use the standard certificate instead of the short-handed certificate. If however, any boat which does not hold a short-handed certificate may enter such an event using their standard certificate."

He goes on to say, "The purpose of this rule is to prevent owners with both certificates having an unfair advantage in being able to select which configuration they enter an event under at short notice.”

Penny Carter, who is to chair the Protest Committee for the championships has stated that this is the interpretation of the rule that will be used.